Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mama & FatherRu 2 : Seattle Boogaloo

I just sent Jeff to bed, so now I can post a normal sane person's account of our evening in Seattle...not just some crazy diatribe about how an old ceramic doll is going to kill me in my sleep. (Although...I'm very happy that I am sleeping in the basement...two whole stories away from that doll.)

Ellen and Art have been wonderful hosts. As they informed me at dinner, they were the first two people that MamaRu introduced to FatherRu back in the day. Thank g-d they approved of him or else I wouldn't be here blogging today. And that would be a shame.

Although I've only met Art and Ellen about four or five times in my life, they feel very much like Mama & FatherRu I practically fell out of my chair last night at dinner, when Ellen informed us that she called her gay friend to find out where the cool kids hang out in Seattle. Art then pulled out the Seattle Thomas Guide to give us detailed directions on how to get to the gay part of town. It felt so loving, accepting, and comfortable that I practically cried.

So...once we finished with our delicious shrimp dinner that Ellen cooked for us, Jeff and I ventured out to "Manray," a gay video bar where Kelly Clarkson sang about how great it's been since her boyfriend has "been gone."

It was "very nice."


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