Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My Pretty Portland - Part Three : The Final Chapter

When Jeff and I were getting ready to leave Portland, I got all excited...because it meant that I was going to have to go check out of our hotel...which meant that I would get the chance to chat with my future husband, Nate the hot front desk guy.

Once Jeff finished packing up his giant green suitcase, we pranced into the front desk office to discover that the original Nate had been replaced by another boy that looked suspiciously like Nate...only he wasn't.

How did we know that this Nate #2 wasn't actually Nate #1?

Well...Nate #1 had shorter and spikier hair, while Nate #2 had adorably crooked teeth and was wearing a giant leather bracelet. Nate #2 also had a sassy tattooed female hipster sidekick. She spent most of our office visit torturing their sixteen year old intern in the gift shop. There was a whole bit about how he wasn't folding the sweatshirts in the proper manner.

So essentially Nate #2 was just like Nate #1...with better accessories.

Nate #2 attempted to make small talk with us, while he was printing out our bill...which was "very nice." I would have typed out our entire conversation here, but truth is...I was too busy trying to figure out if Nate #2 was related to Nate #1, so I was too busy staring to pay attention to what was actually being said. Jeff says that I didn't stutter or drool at all...so I'm assuming that the conversation was much better than my interactions with Nate #1.

I finally snapped out of my Nate #2 daze, when I exited the front desk office and looked at the bill. It turns out that we had been charged eighteen dollars for a gift shop purchase...which wasn't ours. Nate #2 apologized profusely for the accidental charge, while his tattooed sidekick cracked jokes about how they were going to try and stick the charge to another room. The whole exchange would have probably a bit unprofessional but I didn't care, because Nate #2 told us that the next time we were in Portland...we should definitely come back to stay at the Kennedy School.

Hi...I think he loves me.


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