Sunday, May 08, 2005

My Pretty Portland

We're in Portland and so far, Jeff and I haven't really left our hotel complex...which is awesome and amazing. There is a restaurant, three bars, a movie theater, an onsite brewery, and a giant outdoor "soaking pool" that is filled with children.

My only complaint is that the hotel is in an internet dead zone...BUT I was informed by my future boyfriend, Nate the hot front desk guy, that the hotel will be internet ready in less than a month. Yes, I know that no one cares about whether or not the hotel has internet...but all this really meant was that I had to go have a little chat with Nate about where to go to find wireless internet in Portland. He told us to go to a coffee house in Portland's artsy area...on a street called Alberta. It was a very informative conversation...except for the fact that I was staring at Nate so intently that I didn't really absorb a word he said. So...a half hour later, Jeff and I had to return to the principal's office and ask Nate for directions again. This time Jeff paid attention...I tried to look pretty.

Thanks again Nick for the hotel recommendation! This hotel is jizzy sheet free...unless Nate decides to spend the night...


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