Friday, May 06, 2005

So this guy... PART TWO

So Jeff is in the closet right now...changing into his pajamas in the dark. I'm hoping he comes out of the closet all in one piece, because there could be a trap door in there and one of the interlopers outside could have found a way in and then we'd be done for.

Tonight, we went to "The Bar" in the Castro to celebrate Cinco de Mayo/Day Two of our road trip. I ran into my friend's ex....a guy that tried to make out with me at Micky's four years well as a guy from Wesleyan who I didn't say hi to, because I wasn't in the mood for an awkward conversation how terrible the food was at MoCon. There was also a boy from DC who chatted with us for quite a while. He seemed "very nice," except for the fact that he berated us for not having any of the "good LA pot."

Hi...super crazy!

PS: I'm sleeping in my clothes tonight, because I'm afraid that I'm gonna catch some veneral disease from the jizzy sex hotel sheets.

OMG, please send help and spermacide.


Anonymous MamaRu said...

Please change hotels.

10:01 AM  

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