Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Remember when. . .

Remember when I wanted to drive up the coast in order to see its majestic beauty? Well, the 1 (otherwise known as the Pacific Coast Highway) seems to have become quite adept at keeping drivers the hell off of it.

We lost the PCH somewhere just outside of LA and never really found it again, which is fine, since it adds about three hours to the trip from LA to San Fran. Besides, it was cloudy and who really wants to see the ocean when the sun isn't out? So, we altered our plans and took the 101 up through the mountains in order to expedite our trip. We'll try again on the way back down the coast, since I'm sure we won't be exhausted at all.

For those of you taking notes, dinner with Lego has been cancelled and rescheduled for tomorrow.

Speaking of taking notes--Jon and I have decided to log our trip mile-by-mile in a marble notebook, the contents of which will be posted as we have the time. I'm sure you'll want to read this travelogue over and over again, possibly to lull your loved-ones into a coma.

Tonight: Jon and I are heading out into the rainy San Fran night to see what sort of trouble lurks for us.
Tomorrow: We'll see the sights (or, rather, Jon will see the sights and I will whine about being forced to walk up the hills of San Fran.) Maybe we'll post some pictures, too.



Blogger preganat bride said...

Ohmygod Jeff....(this is LoveILoveYOU). You must, have to, don't miss that show. Oh feck...what the hell is the name of it....used to see it every visit to the bay area. My gay uncle insisted on it. BEACH BLANKET BABYLON. Check and see if it is still playing. By the way...43 days til my wedding and I think I'm knocked up....have a blast on your trip. I miss my favorite MO

10:35 AM  

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