Friday, May 06, 2005

Day Three: San Fran to Redding to....????

Mile 441 -- Back on the road again!

Mile 444 -- We hit traffic. We're f***ed again!

Mile 446 -- AH! We're trapped in a mountain by the Bay Bridge.

Mile 458 -- We pass by a sign that reads, "Dam Road." Jeff says, "Take the Damn Road!" Jeff's in comedy jail now.

Mile 477 -- We just discovered it's Friday...not Thursday.

Mile 488 -- Jon discovers the TV Theme Medley on the "Family Guy Live in Vegas" CD.

Mile 511 -- Jon discovers that the rest of the "Family Guy Live in Vegas" CD is not so funny.

Mile 529 -- This "Family Guy Live in Vegas" CD is the worst! Jeff refuses to let Jon turn it off. Jon dies a little bit on the inside.

Mile 537 -- It's time for Cyndi Lauper everyone!

Mile 545 -- SHE BOP! (Gayest car ride ever)

Mile 559 -- A crop duster almost crashes into us.

Mile 591 -- We pass by Road 27. Jeff thinks we already passed by Road 27. Hi...we're driving in circles.

Mile 595 -- Jon wants to go to "Black Butte Lake." Hot.

Mile 605 -- It's 90s Flashback hour with "Peaches," by the Presidents of the United States of America.

Mile 606 -- Sheep are everywhere.

Mile 647 -- We just passed by an elderly lady driving her Cadillac with an oxygen tube in her nose...despite the fresh country air that surrounds her.

Mile 651 -- OMG...we are running late to meet Peggy (Jon's Wesleyan friend) for lunch. AH!

Mile 652 -- Peggy isn't picking up her cell phone. We are Peggy-less in Redding.

Mile 656 -- We're in Redding! Peggy finds her cell phone.

Mile 659 -- Peggy treats us to lunch at "Damburger." Delicious. Jeff remains in comedy jail with the phrase, "Eat the damnburger!" He'll rot in there like the meat at Damburger.

Mile 675 -- Back on the road again!

Mile 675.1 -- Coffee/Blogging break at "Breaking New Grounds."


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please bring me back a damnburger.


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