Sunday, May 08, 2005

Day Five : Seattle, WA to Portland, OR

Mile 1299 -- Bye Ellen & Art! Bye Molly and Bessie! Thanks for everything!

Mile 1300 -- Coffee break at Tully's.

Mile 1300.2 -- Mohawk + Limp / Walks with a Cane = Jeff's New Boyfriend

Mile 1300.7 -- F***ed again! We're caught in traffic in Seattle.

Mile 1308 -- Bye Seattle! We'll miss you!

Mile 1316 -- Jon needs a new cell phone.

Mile 1363 -- Trident Strawberry Fusion Gum is delicious AND it cleans your teeth (at least that's what the packaging told us).

Mile 1365 -- We run out of sugar-free Mixed Berry Mentos. Jeff spirals into a deep depression that can only be fixed with a Splenda IV.

Mile 1368 -- Jon plays Wilson Phillips' "Hold On" and turns into Super-Homo!

Mile 1375 -- Jon calls to confirm the hotel reservation at "The Kennedy School" hotel. He falls in love with Nate (the front desk guy) over the phone.

Mile 1395 -- Rain...again.

Mile 1414 -- Pee break at the Toutle River Safety Rest Area. Jeff and Jon both decide to skip the "Free Coffee" stand.

Mile 1430 -- Suzanne Vega Rules!

Mile 1464 -- Jeff looks at the dark clouds ahead and announces that he wants "a really good thunderstorm."'s not even close to be thunderstorm season.

Mile 1468 -- We're entering Portland...and it's raining.

Mile 1470 -- Lost in Portland...

Mile 1470.8 -- we're not!

Mile 1474 -- Jeff makes an illegal u-turn. AH!

Mile 1476 -- Lost in Portland...

Mile 1476.2 -- ...seriously this time.

Mile 1479 -- Back on track!

Mile 1479.2 -- Jon primps in the mirror for his big meeting with Nate (the front desk guy at the Kennedy School).

Mile 1479.6 -- We're here! And this hotel really looks like a school! This is so cool! Jeff announces that it looks just like Eastland Academy...from the Facts of Life. Look who's a super-homo now!!!


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