Sunday, May 08, 2005

Welcome To The Dollhouse...of horror!

We're staying at MamaRu's college roommate's house--Ellen and her husband Art have been kind enough to let two giant homos ruin their lives for the weekend. And while I'm totally grateful for a place to crash in Seattle for free--I have to say that the thing I'm sharing my room with in this hundred-year-old house is more than a little unnerving:

See? How am I supposed to sleep well with this wicked-looking Madame's Place reject breathing down my neck. That purple dress alone is enough to frighten you to death--and when you add the creepy ceramic-ness to the fold, well, you can count on trouble.

Sure, the jizzy-eye thing didn't make me half-blind like I thought it would (I'm feeling much better, thanks) but I'm positive that I'm going to wake up hanging from the rafters in the morning with Ellen and Art's two adorable kitties biting at my ankles.

Of course, I still really appreciate all that they've done for us--especially the delicious shrimp dinner. I just wish they'd throw that doll in the oven like Karen Black did in Trilogy of Terror. Maybe after Jon goes to bed. . .He's forcing me upstairs now to my demise....

Viva la resistance!


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