Thursday, May 12, 2005

Final Leg

No, I'm not talking about some hot boy with one leg that I've fallen (or at least leaned) for. Today was the last leg of our west coast tour.

Last night, as we retired in Santa Nella, CA, I had only one thing on my mind--the weird guy at the front desk. I was terrified that he was going to climb into our room and murder us while we slept. When I walked into the lobby to check in, he immediately made some weird comment about my T-shirt--and about how it seems to give would-be bad guys a perfect place to aim. He also related a story about when he was "in the academy" and the coroner came in to address the class. The coroner said the weirdest night he ever had was when he encountered a body which had a tattoo on the bottom of his foot: An arrow pointing to his big toe that read, "Place Toe Tag Here."

He thought it was hilarious. I, however, did not. He also informed us that his wife was the reincarnation of Henny Youngman, complete with quips such as: "Take my husband, please!" It was then that I prayed for death....

But we lived through the night and went to breakfast at some sort of pea-soup factory. Afterwards, we piled into the car and headed through the desert.

We're home...and I'm tired. But I don't have to start my new job until Friday, so I have a day to rest up--and post some photos to the blog.

And now, i'm crawling into my jizzy-free bed!



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